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2013 VW Golf GTI


Check out this video at http://supercars.tv/2013-vw-golf-gti/

Volkswagen has released the MK7 version of the Golf GTI. It has a 4 Cylinder 2.0 TSI engine and will produce either 220hp or 230hp, depending on what version you select. The 0-60mph is 6.6 seconds and the top speed is 152 mph. In this video Marchettino shows us in depth footage of the exterior, interior and engine.


One thing I’ve always admired about Chip Foose is his concept drawings. They all have a similar feel and look but end up being some pretty cool art. Here’s his take on the MKII GTI he owned years back.


Tidy MK5 killing it on sawblades


Tidy MK5 killing it on sawblades